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No Labels Infrastructure Teleconference

From No Labels: America’s got problems. All too often, members of Congress forget to talk solutions. That’s why No Labels hosts monthly town hall teleconferences with thought leaders -- to ensure a thoughtful, solutions-oriented dialogue between elected officials and their constituents.

Please email press@nolabels.org or call (202) 588-1990 for dial-in information to join the latest installment with Senator John Kerry (D-MA) Thursday at noon, eastern time.

Congress is on its ninth stopgap measure to fund the transportation sector. Congress’ fundamental inability to set spending priorities is unacceptable. Senator Kerry will talk about possible long-term solutions for America’s infrastructure on our call. Regardless of whether you agree with his specific ideas and solutions, these are the types of conversations that must happen and are all too often stifled by legislative gridlock. Only then can Congress move this country past legislative gridlock and on to a better future.


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