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Simple Election Guide for Cynics

From Letters to the Editor at Arizona Daily Star.

An election guide for cynics- in 150 words or less:

• Avoid the snappy sound-bite campaigners. Legislative and governance style will almost cer­tainly be as shallow.

• Beware candidates who vow to 'fight for you' or 'stand up for you.' We live in an era when ideas like collaboration, reaching out and problem solving are urgently needed. To paraphrase the (not yet) immortal Rodney King, 'Can't we all just get along?'

• Being a good old boy or a God-fearing woman are worthy attributes, but alone they are inadequate to the task of solving the complex financial and socie­tal problems facing our nation and state. Consider candidates who, by virtue of education or life experience, are likely to understand the issues before proposing solutions.

On the other hand, if your vote can be had for theatrics-like the chance to fondle or fire an auto­matic weapon- disregard these guidelines.

And shame on you.

Ross Markwardt

Retired, Tucson


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