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About Right2BHeard

Right2BHeard was founded in 2011, after one of the most contentious elections in memory and, subsequent to the campaign, the attempted assassination of my Congressional Representative, Gabrielle Giffords. 

The trauma of these events made me yearn for a less violent way to connect and communicate with people who hold different political perspectives. I wanted to move away from divisive debates and toward genuine dialogue about the values that people hold that serve as the basis for their strongly held opinions. I wanted to understand more than I wanted to judge.

So, today we have Right2BHeard whose mission it is to promote public participation and dialogue dedicated to nurturing our community without regard to a specific party, issue, program or position and having fun doing it! 

Please join with us. Follow us @Right2BHeard on Twitter and/or contact us at Right2BHeard@gmail.com.

Currently, you can 'be heard' on any one of five projects:

  1. as a co-host for ongoing Genuine Dialogue with a group of 8, or
  2. bringing an innovative interactive movie to town about civil discourse and sharing it at schools and community centers, or
  3. working through the Boys and Girls Clubs, Cascade Community Library, Hudson Bay High School Family-Community Resource Center or LULAC to engage in Text Talk Act, a text-guided 45-minute small group conversations, or
  4. registering voters and encouraging attendance at public forums where important issues are being deliberated, or
  5. increasing millenial involvement in the 64 Neighborhood Associations and providing meaningful intergenerational input on the City of Vancouver's Strategic Plan Update.

Connect with our Community through R2BH.


Suzanne Kendall